Copperleaf Design | Our design process for your family kitchen
Our design process for your family kitchen
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Our design process for your family kitchen

Designing family kitchen

25 May Our design process for your family kitchen

Every kitchen starts as a blank canvas and we take pride in using our designs to make them into a work of art. With so many options, materials and gadgets available, it’s easy to get carried away and sometimes forget the practical things – especially when you have a family.

We wanted to share what we think is important when designing a family kitchen.


The golden rules

You are at the centre of the process

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home, this is a space you will use every day in a variety ofways, so keeping you central at every stage is key.


The process is exactly that, ‘a process’

Getting the right design takes time and shouldn’t be rushed. We approach each design as a process, taking each step one at a time and guiding you through.


Be flexible

Sometimes plans and ideas change. We may find inspiration from an unexpected source or you might find a colour scheme or material you’ve fallen in love with. Nothing in our designs is set in stone until we start manufacture.


Functionality is all important

Ultimately, your kitchen is a functional, working space. We use our years of experience to ensure not only the golden rules of design are followed, but also common sense and practicality for your space and family prevail.


The main questions

The start of the design process is a really exciting time as this is when we get the opportunity to really understand the client’s aspirations and vision.

The questions we ask are only a small part of the information gathering process, we like to build a profile of the client from the very first contact this can be anything from how enthusiastically they speak about the project over the phone, to the cars in their drive, even whether they’re a shoes on or shoes off household.

When it comes to the questions however, we like to focus on four categories:


Who will be using the space?

This helps us to decide what we use and where. If the family has seven children and two large dogs, we would allow for a larger dining and living space than we would for an elderly couple.


How will it be used?

Are you a family of keen cooks or is your kitchen a homework hub? Do you enjoy large family meals or are you a household of party animals? We dig deep into how you will use the space and what for, making sure the design centres around what is most important to you.


What’s the nitty gritty?

Sometimes, it’s the small things that you forget but make the biggest difference. By finding out things like how often you do your food shopping and what really irritates you about your current kitchen, we can piece together what really matters and make your life easier.


What’s the wish list?

Generally, the answer to this question is not a visual description or the latest gadgets, but a list of desired life improvements that the space will hopefully deliver, for example, “What I’d really like is a beautiful, light, calming space, where everything has its place, flows well and the whole family can be together without being under each other’s feet.” These answers help us to understand the concept for what you want your kitchen to achieve.


By understanding you, your family and your lifestyle, we can design a practical, functional and unique kitchen that fits with your everyday life.