Copperleaf Design | From our kitchen to yours – meet our Founder, Stephen Kennedy
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From our kitchen to yours – meet our Founder, Stephen Kennedy

Stephen Kennedy Copperleaf Design

29 Mar From our kitchen to yours – meet our Founder, Stephen Kennedy

We are proud of what we have achieved over our 13 years in the industry which is all thanks to our incredible team. We want to give you the opportunity to find out a little more about the inspiration behind the Company, our Founder, Stephen Kennedy.

Stephen established Copperleaf Design in 2004 with a passion for luxury design, particularly the complex and varied space that is the kitchen. With a firm belief that “not all kitchens are created equal”, Stephen is excited by the challenge of tailoring a space to perfectly fit the lives of the people using it.

Let’s find out a little more about him.

What made you decide to open a luxury kitchen company?

“I saw an opportunity to combine three great passions in my life – working with wood, great design and cooking; it seemed like a great idea starting a business doing the things that I love.“

What inspires you?

“This comes from many things, but mainly when I see things that combine beauty with functionality – something I always aim for in my kitchen designs.

“Where I find my inspiration isn’t so simple however, sometimes it’s in a great building, sometimes in a landscape, a piece of music or even an electronic device such as an Apple iPhone.”

Which is your favourite part of your kitchen?

“My favourite part of my kitchen is probably my sink believe it or not!

“I actually quite like washing up – I have the radio on and after a busy day at work I find it quite therapeutic! We do have a dishwasher but I prefer the old fashioned way, getting my hands wet.”

Why is your kitchen the heart of your home?

“We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, chatting, eating and drinking.

“I think that preparing and making food with and for friends and family is one of the most important things that you can do to show that you love and care about them. Whenever friends come over we inevitably end up in the kitchen, cooking and eating together really adds to the warmth of our days.”

What are your top three favourite items in your kitchen?

“My favourite items in my kitchen are my beautiful Japanese Santoku chef’s knife, which was a present from a friend, my cooker and my fridge.

“We cook everything from scratch in our house so somewhere to keep our food nice and fresh, a really satisfying sharp knife to prep it with and somewhere to cook it are the holy trinity.”

When you think of your kitchen, what words spring to mind?

“Theatre, drama, passion, functionality, beauty, creativity, food, family, home.”

Why do you do what you do?

“Because I love it!

“I love when I produce a design that considers the use of space in a completely different way than anybody else has suggested previously and the client is really blown away.

“I love the feeling when the right use of a space reveals itself during a design and the path through becomes clear.

“I love guiding clients through the design process and considering each of the elements in a clear, logical fashion that results in a design that I know they will love and suits them perfectly.”

How do you think kitchens will be developed over the next 10 years?

“I think the general trend over recent years to make the house the ‘heart of the home’ will continue to develop.

“Kitchens used to be small rooms where one would shut themselves away to slave over a hot stove. Now they are increasingly more expansive, open-plan spaces that combine the open theatricality and functionality of the kitchen with the comforts of an informal living space and the audio-visual gadgetry that goes along with it.

“The kitchen is no longer a separate space, it is the centre, the beating heart of the home around which modern life exists and I believe this will continue to develop over the coming years.”

What is your favourite family meal to cook in the kitchen?

“I love to cook all types of cuisine, but for me the perfect day involves friends, family, a bottle of red wine and the slow cooking of a Sunday roast with all the trimmings.”

What has been your most memorable moment in your kitchen?

“When I proposed to my now wife and she said yes!”


Stephen’s passion for kitchens and design is clear to see and we’re thankful for his vision and passion.