Copperleaf Design | A luxury kitchen designer by day, a pizzaiolo by night
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A luxury kitchen designer by day, a pizzaiolo by night

31 Jan A luxury kitchen designer by day, a pizzaiolo by night

As Jet Paacal once said, “A pizza slice a day keeps the sadness away,” and we agree.

Our Founder, Stephen Kennedy, has revealed the latest addition to his home, a grand pizza oven for his garden!

Stephen, who has a passion for great design and the culinary arts, had been searching far and wide for the perfect pizza oven to serve as an outdoor extension of his kitchen.

For him, an outdoor kitchen is essential for the modern home – it’s great for socialising and entertaining friends, particularly in the warmer months.

However, it was difficult to find something contemporary which was also easy to operate, as pizza ovens are traditionally brick-built.

So, when he stumbled across the Uuni 3, which combines beauty with functionality, he was hooked!

Stephen can now create authentic, wood-fired pizzas within the comfort of his own home, which has gone down a treat with his friends and family!

Let’s find out a little bit more about Stephen’s passion for his new appliance:

So, as an expert pizzaiolo, do you have any top tips for anyone who is using the Uuni 3?

“Make sure you get the oven hot enough before you try to cook in it, you need about 500 degrees centigrade to get a dry, crisp base with a full bake throughout and a nice bit of colour and crispiness on the top.

“The most difficult bit to learn, in my opinion, is mastering the trick of getting the uncooked pizzas from the peel and into the oven – you need to work fast, flour the peel, and keep the pizzas moving or they stick and end up looking worse for wear (trust me, I speak from experience!).”

How many times a month would you say you cook pizza for you, your family and friends?

“We tend to have a pizza day once a week now, whatever the weather!”

What is your favourite pizza topping?

“It’s a controversial one, but my favourite topping on a pizza is pineapple!  My wife thinks it is completely disgusting, but I love it. Give me a really good stone-baked, Hawaiian pizza with a little kick of red chilli and I am a very happy man.”

We’d love to know what ingredients you use to make your dough!

“I have tried a good few dough recipes now, in order to find the one that works best for me, and have settled on a traditional Italian pizza dough recipe that is basically ’00’ ‘pasta’ grade flour, active yeast with a spoonful of sugar dissolved in tepid water and left for five minutes to activate, a spoonful of salt and a good glug of decent extra virgin olive oil.”

Please can you give me your recipe for the perfect pizza?

“The pizza that I find myself making most often, and which is always a hit, is a simple tomato sauce base (which I generally make well in advance and then simmer for a couple of hours to develop the flavour) a generous scattering of torn basil leaves, some ripped prosciutto ham (not laid flat, but placed on deliberately untidily so that the higher areas crisp up in the oven nicely), a scattering of some good mozzarella and some good extra virgin olive oil.

“I think the emphasis for a perfect pizza is on the quality of the ingredients – a good dough, a delicious tomato sauce, and high-quality toppings!”

Stephen’s passion for both his appliances and food is clear to see and we can’t wait to see what he cooks up next.