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Welcome to Copperleaf Design.

01 Mar Welcome to Copperleaf Design.

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Hi, I’m Stephen Kennedy and I’d like to welcome you to Copperleaf Design, the company that I established in 2004 to combine the three passions in my life – working with wood, cooking and design – and to create a business that I hope to look back upon in years to come as my legacy.

From an early age I have been drawn towards anything creative and followed a varied, and you could say unusual educational path, which began with various City and Guilds qualifications in traditional carpentry, joinery and cabinet making and culminating with a degree in the performing arts, during which I focussed my attention on theatre design.

The common thread being the drive to design, craft and create work that is beautiful, well constructed and functional.  I get no greater pleasure than seeing something that I have designed and crafted come to life and radiate quality, even better when I see the pleasure that others get from it, whether it is a finely cooked meal or a finely built and installed kitchen.

I have always had a natural ‘eye’ for quality, a sense of good design and clear spatial awareness, which, combined with a certain perfectionism (which I sometimes refer to as a curse!) and understanding of what a cook wants from a kitchen, led me to believe that I have the perfect mix of skills and qualities to design and build truly beautiful kitchens.

Uniquely, Copperleaf Design concentrate almost exclusively on kitchens – we are not a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom company, we are kitchen specialists.

And it is at this point that the ‘we’ element comes in… back in 2004 when Copperleaf Design was in its infancy it was just me, a drawing board and my tools, and it stayed that way for over two years whilst Copperleaf established and built a reputation for quality.  As time and the company moved forwards inevitably the workforce had to grow, a nerve-racking process for me as I wasn’t prepared to compromise on the quality of my work.  The solution I discovered back then has been maintained to this day – we are a ‘slow grow’ company, the focus being to take the time to instil in each new member of staff the company ethos of maintaining quality in every area of our work.  As the company grows I can always be sure that the key ethos of the company is maintained by every member of our staff.

I have no desire for us to be the biggest, but I am passionate that we need to be the best.

We now employ a staff of designers, cabinet makers, installers and apprentices all working with the same passion and dedication that I have myself, to design, create and install the very best kitchens possible.